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Alignboard Back Stretcher
Alignboard Back Stretcher
Alignboard Back Stretcher
Alignboard Back Stretcher

Alignboard Back Stretcher

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You can't put a price on good posture. Our stretcher has been shown to improve posture in 2 weeks or your money back guaranteed. 

Whether you experience it as a sharp, searing pain or a dull ache, back pain can be a severe problem. If you don't take care of your back, it can be detrimental to your long-term health and quality of life.

Our Spineboard Stretcher  is a simple, non-surgical way to create space between the vertebrae, fight lower to mid back pain, and improve posture. it's one-size fits-all, 100% safe, and easy to use.

    1. Place the base and the arch on a flat surface.

    2. Get on your knees to stabilize the base.

    3. Press with your knees on the broader end of the base, and apply some force to bend the arch.

    4. Adjust the stretcher to a comfortable level. We recommend starting with a minimal setting.

    5. slowly lay down on the Stretcher while supporting yourself with elbows.

    6. Relax and breath deeply for 5-10 minutes. Slowly roll over after you finish your stretch.

As you get more advanced and flexible, you can move to a higher stretch setting. In no time, you'll be walking taller, with more confidence as your posture will improve.

Spineboard Stretcher is not about a quick fix. When your body adjusts to using our Back Stretcher, muscle memory will keep your good posture in place.

Once you feel the difference, you’ll find yourself needing the  Stretcher less while still keeping your posture at its best. Most brace users end up needing the brace only during long periods of sitting.

Feel the difference from Day 1


Don’t worry about having to wait around for your posture to be corrected. Your posture will be upright and tight as soon as you put on the Spineboard Stretcher !


Plus, our sleek and easy-to-adjust design allows you to use Spineboard Stretcher  anywhere you go without feeling self-conscious. Use it at home or the office. You’ll be able to feel and look better anytime, anywhere.