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NoCrease™ | Crease Protector
NoCrease™ | Crease Protector

NoCrease™ | Crease Protector

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There is nothing better than getting a brand new pair of sneakers, and we all agree on that. But... there is nothing worse than wrinkled, creased shoes. Just imagine that you spent over a hundred dollars on that beautiful pair of shoes. You might probably want to impress everybody... but that’s not possible if you got ugly, dirty & creased shoes.

Yet, there is no “natural” solution for creases...

Crease preventer

However, that’s not a problem anymore – we’ve got you covered on this.

Today, you can get the brand new Crease Protector: the only tool you need to say goodbye to wrinkled shoes Yes, that’s totally right. We’ve spent over five years to develop this never-before- released solution. A robust, compact & long-lasting protector that goes inside your shoes; to keep them protected all the time you wear them. Comfort goes always first, that’s why our extensive team of professionals developed a one-for-all system. Meaning that you won’t even notice there is a protector inside your shoes. Sounds amazing, right?
  • Against shoe creases: Say goodbye to the toe crease, this shoes shields not only makes your sneakers look shiny and bright, but also restores old sneakers.
  • Breathable design: 23 venting holes designed to keep the shoes dry and breathable, avoiding being sultry and humid.
  • Quality: PE and TPR material to ensure a strong hardness, which makes the shoe shield low-temperature-resistant, resilient and washable.
  • Smart design: No need to worry that they will move while you are walking. The design makes sure it can firmly stay stuck to the top of shoe. 

1. Take out the insole.

2. Crease Protector (trim if necessary). L for left shoe, R for right shoe.

3. Insert the insole.