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Hydra Water Gun
Hydra Water Gun
Hydra Water Gun

Hydra Water Gun

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Spyra One is the next generation of water guns. Spyra’s mission is to completely reinvent the water gun and take water fights to the next level. The Spyra One is an electronic water gun that instead of shooting a stream of water, it shoots 'water-bullets'. The high-tech water gun features a self-refilling mechanism that can automatically suck up a full tank of water in just 14 seconds over a body of water and has a digital display that shows how many shots you have left. A single 6-hour charge would last for at least 45 fills, or 1,125 shots.


Size  62 x 20 x 7 cm 
Weight   1.8kg (empty tank); 2.55kg (filled tank)
Capacity   625ml (24 water bullets, 26ml/water bullet)
Range   12m (usual shot); 14m (power shot)
Recharging method  USB-C 
Recharging time   6 hours