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SHOWER PRO - Mountable Case
SHOWER PRO - Mountable Case
SHOWER PRO - Mountable Case
SHOWER PRO - Mountable Case
SHOWER PRO - Mountable Case
SHOWER PRO - Mountable Case
SHOWER PRO - Mountable Case

SHOWER PRO - Mountable Case

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Watch your favorite movie while in the shower!

Enjoy your shower completely with Waterproof Bathroom Phone Storage! This holder allows you to watch movies, change the songs or play games while in the bathroom.  It can be pasted easily on your bathroom by just adhering it on the wall using  strong adhesive.

Wall Mounted Phone Case – Bulls Business

The silicone seal design will provide 100% Waterproof protection without affecting the sound and the clarity of the phone. With sensitive touch, it lets you use your devices without damaging your phone or worrying about breakage.


  • SHOWER PHONE HOLDER: Enjoy audio and video entertainment every time while taking a shower or cooking!

Wall Mounted Phone Case - Not sold in stores

  • TOUCHABLE: With a flexible touch screen, you can easily touch from the outside of the case to adjust the volume, change your music track and scroll through the news & page.

  • ANTI-FOG HIGH PERSPECTIVE WINDOW: The fog produced during shower will not affect the clearness of your phone screen. This holder is a good companion in your bathroom, kitchen, bathtub or toilet.
  • WATERPROOF: Shower phone holder has steadfast sealing protection which is 100% waterproof and effective against splashing. You don't have to fear your phone to contact water while in the bathroom!

  • WIDELY APPLICABLE: This phone holder easily adheres to various surfaces such as word, tiles, marble, glass, metal and many more!

  • EASY INSTALLATION: Ensure to dry the surface before applying the adhesive. Simply peel off the backing paper and stick it to the wall, it will not easily deform and fall off.
  • COMPATIBLE FOR ALL PHONES: Fits to all mobile devices under 6.8 inches


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